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Learn the Constellations
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Learn the Constellations
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The Constellation 
Home Page

Group I

The 88 Astronomical

About Constellations & Myths

Constellations exist only in the minds of human beings. They are projected onto random groups of stars to create a picture story. These pictures have appeared in the sky every year at the same time for thousands of years.

From very early in recorded history, the stars were important to people in their daily lives. The stars assisted the ancients in planning for the planting of their crops, guiding navigators on their many adventures, and as a way of telling time. Much wonder and mystery was associated with the stars, and the people of ancient times began to place a grander, often divine, meaning on the majestic heavenly bodies.

We all are indebted to Greece for the many fascinating myths of the constellations, such as the legends of Andromeda, Orion and Hercules. Astronomy, like a golden chain, runs through history and links together all tribes and peoples of Earth. 

The wealth of stars illuminated each evening, and the many constellations in which they are contained, is in fact the oldest historical picture book of all time. Without television, videos, or movies, the sky was the magic light show, continually changing with each season. People would sit outdoors in groups and watch the sky for hours every night as the constellations revealed themselves. For all time, the myths and legends of ancient life shall be remembered through the many amazing tales illuminated by the constellations.

Today, more than eighty constellations and 1,000,000 stars are acknowledged to reside in the sky. As astronomers continue to catalog the heavens, they will have identified in excess of 40,000,000 stars. What new constellations will we create, what stories will we tell?

 The 88 Astronomical Constellations

Andromeda And Andromeda, Daughter of Cepheus
Antlia Ant The Air Pump
Apus Aps Bird of Paradise
Aquarius Aqr The Water Bearer
Aquila Aql The Eagle
Ara Ara The Altar
Aries Ari The Ram
Auriga Aur The Charioteer
Bootes Boo The Herdsman
Caelum Cae The Chisel
Camelopardalis Cam The Giraffe
Cancer Cnc The Crab
Canes Venatici CVn The Hunting Dogs
Canis Major CMA The Big Dog
Canis Minor CMi The Little Dog
Capricornus Cap The Sea Goat
Carina Car The Ship's Keel
Cassiopeia Cas Cassiopeia, the Queen of Ethiopia
Centaurus Cen The Centaur
Cepheus Cep Cepheus, a King of Ethiopia
Cetus Cet The Whale
Chamaeleon Cha The Chameleon
Circinus Cir The Compass
Columba Col The Dove
Coma Berenices Com Berenice's Hair
Corona Australis CrA The Southern Crown
Coronas Borealis CrB The Northern Crown
Corvus Crv The Crow
Crater Crt The Cup
Crux Cru The Cross
Cygnus Cyg The Swan
Delphinus Del The Dolphin
Dorado Dor The Swordfish
Draco Dra The Dragon
Equuleus Equ The Little Horse
Eridanus Eri The River Eridanus
Fornax For The Furance
Gemini Gem The Twin brothers
Grus Gru The Crane
Hercules Her Hercules, the Hero
Horologium Hor The Clock
Hydra Hya The Water Monster
Hydrus Hyi The Sea Serpent
Indus Ind The Indian
Lacerta Lac The Lizard
Leo Leo The Lion
Leo Minor LMi The Little Lion
Lepus Lep The Hare
Libra Lib The Scales
Lupus Lup The Wolf
Lynx Lyn The Lynx
Lyra Lyr The Harp
Mensa Men The Table
Microscopium Mic The Microscope
Monoceros Mon The Unicorn
Musca Mus The Fly
Norma Nor The Carpenter's Square
Octans Oct The Octant
Ophiuchus Oph The Serpent Bearer
Orion Ori The Hunter
Pavo Pav The Peacock
Pegasus Peg The Flying Horse
Perseus Per The Hero
Phoenix Phe The Firebird
Pictor Pic The Easel
Pisces Psc The Fishes
Piscis Austrinus PsA The Southern Fish
Puppis Pup The Ship's Stern or Poop Deck
Pyxis Pyx The Ship's COmpass
Reticulum Ret The Net or Reticle
Sagitta Sge The Arrow
Sagittarius Sgr The Archer
Scorpius Sco The Scorpion
Sculptor Scl The Sculptor
Scutum Sct The Shield
Serpens Caput Ser The Serpent's Head
Serpens Cauda Ser The Serpent's Tail
Sextans Sex The Sextant
Taurus Tau The Bull
Telescopium Tel The Telescope
Triangulum Tri The Triangle
Triangulum Australe TrA The Southern Triangle
Tucana Tuc The Toucan
Ursa Major UMA The Great Bear
Ursa Minor UMI The Little Bear
Vela Vel The Ship's Sails
Virgo Vir The Virgin
Volans Vol The Flying Fish
Vulpecula Vul The Little Fox

The Constellation Home Page

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